AdriHealthMob Project

ArdiHealthMob Project

Through the involvement of institutions, universities and research organizations, public and private stakeholders in the Health and Care sector, ICT companies, AdriHealthMob intend to establish a solid partnership. Its task is, through research and pilot actions, to systematize a set of procedures (guidelines) that can facilitate the development of a sustainable strategy capable to ensure the citizenship an easy access to Health and Care services.

AdriHealthMob Background

Transport services for Health and Care represent a remarkable area within the whole system of transport and mobility. It is estimated that each year 83% of adults and 90% of children are forced to travel for health reasons. At European level is occurring an increase of people who travel for health reasons; the search for care in a foreign country is growing. In an EU-wide survey the majority of consumers stated that they expect that travelling long distances for Health and Care services will be normal in 2020 (EC-DG Health) whilst Eurobarometer underlines that most EU citizens is available to go abroad to receive Health and Care services. At the same time, also the displacements of the staff employed in the Health and Care system are significant.

The environmental impact of travels due to health reasons is relevant and it is estimated that transport services for Health and Care currently produce emissions equivalent to approximately 5% of all road transport emissions. Otherwise, many of these journeys could be rendered unnecessary through a better use of disseminated services and communication within the Health and Care sector, as well as through a tailored and more integrated planning of the infrastructures, capable to take into consideration also Health and Care needs. Inefficient and ineffective transport services for Health and Care mean superfluous journeys, poor or useless investments in infrastructures, difficult access to Health and Care services, important costs towards the environment.

AndriHealthMob Objectives

The general objective of AdriHealthMob is developing a cross border model of sustainable, efficient and effective transport services for the Health and Care sector in order to improve the mobility of passengers and the accessibility the same Health and Care services. The specific objectives of the project are to implement a system to collect, systemise and analyse data, information, policies, financial performances and operational strategies, to dispose of statistics, to plan a functional cross border transport model for Health and Care and to introduce ICTs in Health and Care focusing on the mobility across the Macro-Adriatic Region. Additionally is it focus to modernize the existing infrastructures making them accessible through an efficient and sustainable transport system, to promote joint rules, protocols, planning of transport services for Health and Care, including Health and Care needs in the development process of transport models. On the other it is need to identify and map best practices in the Macro-Adriatic Region able to match Health and Care with sustainable transport models, creating a network of innovative solutions and defining pilot initiatives of sustainable transport and experiment models referring to those pilots, in order to implement, test and validate innovative solutions of transport for Health and Care. At the same time the project is addressed to provide proposals, guidelines and recommendations for a sustainable, intersectoral, integrated and cross border transport strategy for the Health and Care system to the Adriatic stakeholders and the decision makers.

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AdriHealtMob in competition for best EU project 2017

We are glad to announce that AdriHealthMob is included in the online competition of the Best EU Project 2017.

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