GenoPlex & GenoPlex CHEMI- Gel documentation and analysis

GenoPlex high resolution gel documentation and analysis systems are available in configurations suitable for all fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications. All models are fitted with a digital CCD cameras which utilises the latest USB technology. The GenoPlex CHEMI systems are equipped with a true 16-bit advanced cooled camera able to capture images of a wide range of chemiluminescent samples using common substrates.

The GenoPlex systems are fully computer controlled, with motor driven lenses as standard in both systems, with feedback as standard for GenoPlex CHEMI. The darkroom, fully light-tight and suitable for advanced chemiluminescent applications, has a robust, wide opening hinged door for easy access to the chamber and electronic auto-door lock with security function to prevent interruption during long exposures.

Applications: DNA, Blue Light applications, Visible Light applications, AutoRads, Chemiluminescence, other Fluorescence application, Spot Blots.

GenoSmart is a compact imaging system for gel documentation, with network capability by using an Ethernet connection. GenoSmart allows you to instantly print your gel images or save them to a memory stick via its USB port for archiving or further processing.

Using a GenoSmart you can produce images of electrophoresis gels stained with any of these dyes: Ethidium Bromide • Coomassie Blue • Silver Stain • SYBR® Gold • SYBR® Green • SYBR® Safe • GelStar®• Sypro® Red • Sypro® Ruby • Sypro® Orange • Fluorescein • Rhodamine RedTM • Texas Red®• Pro-Q® Diamond • Deep PurpleTM

The GenoSmart is also suitable for viewing and capturing images from any of the following:

  • Agar plates of dark, light or two colour colonies
  • Cells in flasks
  • Autoradiographs
  • DNA, RNA or protein on membranes
  • Spot and slot blots of DNA, RNA or protein
  • Cells or solutions in microtitre plates
  • DNA or protein macroarrays


The GenoMini offers reproducible, high resolution digital images for gel documentation. GenoMini is ideal if you have a limited budget because you can purchase the basic system and then add a UV transilluminator, white light table or conversion screen, safety hood, mini darkroom and printer, as well GenoSoft analysis software. The system is easy to use and allows you to capture and view real-time images directly on your PC.