Fluorescence Luminescence

Fluorescence Luminescence

The numerous ways that fluorescence is used in research today demands that the fluorescence instrument adapt to changing spectroscopic requirements, unique sample considerations, and new data analysis procedures. Therefore, the ideal instrument for fluorescence spectroscopy must be multidimensional.

QuantaMaster- Fluorescence Luminescence UV VIS – NIR is a patented high-speed multi-wavelength fluorescence system from PTI and is designed to:

  • Switch excitation wavelengths at a speed of a millisecond
  • Maximize dynamic range of your fluorescence probe
  • Determine ideal wavelengths for any fluorescence probe
  • Acquire highest quality results in challenging multiple-probe experiments
  • Measure fast transients (up to 250 ratios per second)
  • Perform Ion intracellular measurements

VWR Collection electrophoresis tanks and accessories – Horizontal and vertical gel tanks for DNA and protein electrophoresis

  • kuroGEL Mini 6 Horizontal
  • kuroGEL Mini-Plus 10 Horizontal
  • kuroGEL Midi 13 Horizontal
  • kuroGEL Maxi 20 Horizontal
  • kuroGEL Midi-Plus 15 Horizontal
  • kuroGEL Maxi-Plus 25 Horizontal
  • Horizontal electrophoresis units – shiroGEL
  • VWR Mini Gel II

  • kuroGel Verti 1010
  • kuroGel Verti 2020
  • kuroGel Verti 1816K Dual Cooled Vertical Unit
  • kuroGel Verti 1824K Dual Cooled Vertical Unit
  • shiroGEL Verti PAGE systems
  • kuroGEL Verti 2020Y-DGGE denaturing gel electrophoresis system
  • Gradient mixers and gel dryers
  • Semi-Dry Blotting unit, 20 x 20 cm
  • Dot and Slot Blotting units
  • VWR Mini Blot Mixer
  • VWR Power Source power supplies
  • Spares and accessories
  • BDH Prolabo Agaroses
  • BDH Prolabo DNA Markers
  • BDH Prolabo Molecular Biology Grade Water
  • BDH Electran® Acrylamide