Dissertations and Theses


  • “Modeling and Analysis Of Multiplier-Accelerator and Related Problems: A Control-Theory Based Approach”.
  • “Webcasting as an Educational Tool on Information Technology Teaching”
Diploma Theses

  • “Vph Model of “Kinesia Paradoxa”
  • “Modelling Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Charcot Marie Tooth Disease”
  • “Video Games Design for Children with Special Educational Needs”
  • “Design and Implementation of Virtual Environments for Creating a Computer-Based Class for Students with Learning Difficulties”
  • “Extracting Biological Information of Proteins Using Methods of Machine Learning”
  • “Distributed Medical Databases: Design and Implementation  of Distributed  Web-Based Database for  the Recording, the Monitoring and the Study of  Hospital Patients”
Graduate Theses
  • “Meander Polygon”
  • “Models of Nodes Theory in Bioinformatics”
  • “Biological Data Modeling”
  • “Stem Cells Simulation Models”
  • “Acceptability of Interactive Media in Education”
  • “Models for the Management of the Biology Nanoparticles Energy”
  • “A Research for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and difficulties In Algorithmic Thinking Difficulties”
  • “Nanotechnology Implementing Protocols and Construction of Nanomaterials and Genetic Algorithms”
  • “The Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases with the Use of Machine Learning and the Implementation of a Mobile-Web Decision Support System”
  • “Alzheimer and Oxidation MRna. Investigation of Common Pattern  Among the Sequences
  • “Classification of Protein Related to Diseases of Central Nervous System
  • “Pharmaceutical Active Substances for Mitochondrial Diseases Treatment with Emphasis on Expert System”
  • “Pattern Recognition Applications in Diagnostic Imaging Methods”