Optical Microscopy

EQUIPMENT → Optical Microscopy



Our laboratory is equipped with a research Inverted Microscope for live cell imaging.

  • Built on a robust foundation and able to grow as your needs evolve, features flexible construction with an easy-access light-path and offers high-definition widefield imaging with minimal loss of light.
  • Equipped with a camera, provides fast user-friendly, high resolution digital imaging with high reproducibility.
  • Fluorescence System


  • Enables real-time confocal observation of images with excellent sectioning
  • Features high-output liquid light guide illumination and a fluorescence mirror unit with a high S/N ratio providing images with bright fluorescence and minimal noise.
  • Reliable High Resolution Images that are Clear and Bright
  • Bright, Uniform Fluorescent Illumination
  • Ideal Observation and Capture of Time-Lapse Images
  • Sophisticated Imaging Options with Interchangeable Optical Modules



  • Observation method
    • Fluorescence
    • Differential interference contrast
    • Phase contrast
    • Simple polarized Light
    • Brightfield
  • Transmitted light illuminator
  • Fluorescence illuminator