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Our electron microscopy equipment is a Tabletop Microscope

  • lightweight by design, using a diaphragm pump instead of a rotary pump and a turbomolecular pump instead of a diffusion pump to achieve a useful vacuum for observation.
  • the vacuum is on the low side, so it is a semi-environmental SEM and quite tolerant of moisture.
  • The SEM functions by a touch screen and features automated astigmation, focusing, start up and alignment.


  • A serious use for this instrument is screening plant and insect mutants in genetic studies where rapidity of specimen exchange is needed and high resolution is not.
  • Minimal specimen preparation is required because the imaging mode used is tolerant of moisture and charging.



  • Accelerating voltage: 5 or 15 kV, tungsten source
  • Magnification: X 15 to X 30,000
  • 30 nm resolution
  • Backscattered detector only
  • Charge reduction mode (which uses higher chamber pressure) allows imaging of uncoated samples
  • Easy to use and portable


llows imaging of uncoated samplesEasy to use and portable