GeNeDis 2020 Satellite Events

1st Satellite Event


Professor Clifford Kentros

Professor Clifford George Kentros from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), spoke about “location cells” in the Hippocampus region of the brain, related to the memory and perception of space, as well as the pioneering “targeted” use of viruses as tracer sin the brain of experimental animals that applies the selective “Neuron attack” in order to investigate neural circuits.

2nd Satellite Event


Dr. Joe Taylor και Dr. Tim Owen, Candesic, UK

This satellite event aimed in exploring the new developments in the field of neuroinformatics and specifically in the field of personalised medicine. Particular emphasis was given to the description of digital applications and to the Altoida implementation case. Altoida measures users’ brain activity in a virtual reality environment in order to diagnose if they will present Alzheimer’s within six years. This service is one of the first validated solutions that can predict the risk of developing Alzheimer’s for people over 50 years of age. The concept of Medical Precision, referring to personalised medical treatment based on the individual characteristics of patients, their classification in subgroups and on factors such as the aggression of the disease or the predicted response to treatment, has emerged as the future direction to better understand, prevent and treat human diseases.

3rd Satellite Event

Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), in Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Prof. Vlamos was invited at the FORTH by Nektarios Tavernarakis, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the FORTH, where he gave a talk entitled “Classification and examination of computational biomarkers”.Visit

4th Satellite Event


At Stem Cell Laboratory, University of Patras

An innovative approach to forecasting the evolution of diabetes was presented for the first time by the director of BiHELab Prof. Vlamos last Wednesday at the Medical School of the University of Patras, at the invitation of Dr Stavros Taraviros, director of the Stem Cell Laboratory. According to Prof. Vlamos, the application of the new research methodology of computational biomarkers is based on the overall mapping of the developing area of biomarkers for specific diseases and in this case diabetes and is appropriate for diseases, the evolution of which is based on a large number of biomarkers.

5th Satellite Event


Ioannis Tarnanas, Senior Researcher at the University of Bern, Switzerland, Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation group at the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research

The 5th satellite events aimed to inform the general public of Corfu about new developments in the fields of neuroinformatics and innovative digital applications aiming at the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. It is estimated that worldwide, one person every three seconds develops Alzheimer’s, but only 35% are diagnosed. Early diagnosis allows for individualized treatment to improve prognosis and quality of life. This event will give special attention to the description of the digital application Altoyda as given by its creator, Dr. Ioannis Tarnanas.

6th Satellite Event


«The ubiquitin pathway for intracellular protein breakdown: From basic mechanisms through human diseases and on to drug targeting. » – Nobel Laureate Aaron Chiechanover

The Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Laboratory (BiHELab) of the Department of Informatics, Ionian University organizes on Tuesday 16th April a workshop relevant to the latest developments in neuroscience. The Workshop will take place in Corfu, in Auditorium 1 of the building Τ.ΙΣΤ.-Τ.ΑΒΜ, I. Theotoki 72, 49100 Corfu. The Chairman of the Department of Informatics and director of BiHELab, Professor Panayiotis Vlamos will have the honour of welcoming Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover as a keynote speaker. Israeli researcher Aaron Ciechanover along with Irwin Rose and Avram Hershko detected in the early 1980s, the mechanism of one of the most important circular processes of the cell. The workshop is the sixth satellite event of the 4th worldwide Conference GeNeDis 2020 entitled “Genetics, Geriatrics and Neurodegenerative disease Research” (www.genedis.Had). The workshop aims to inform the general public of Corfu about new developments in the areas of neuroscience and biochemistry focusing on disease diagnosis and treatment. The Nobel laureate in Chemistry (2004), Professor of Biochemistry Aaron Ciechanover, will give a speech entitled “The ubiquitin pathway for intracellular protein breakdown: From basic mechanisms through human diseases and on to drug targeting».

7th Satellite Event


“Product Development in Bioinformatics. Steps for startups in the new digital environment”- Tasos Vasileiadis, President of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

Tasos Vasileiadis, is the President of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.Since 1994 he has been working on research in the fields of startups business development, education, and entrepreneurship while simultaneously acting as a member of research teams of many European projects. He was a part-time lecturer at the Aegean University in entrepreneurship but also has acquired vast experience over the years in the implementation of national and EU projects, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship, startups, social economy and employment. He has more than twenty years of experience as a consultant and educator.

8th Satellite Event


“Experimental models of Multiple Sclerosis. A tissue energy perspective”- Dr. Marianne Kasti

Consultant Neurologist and Lead Clinician, Dr. Marianne Kasti was the keynote speaker of the 8th satellite event. Her talk focused on Multiple Sclerosis and the recent advances regarding ML.

9th Satellite Event


Panagiotis N. Kormas

The head of the Department of Informatics and Director of the Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Laboratory (BiHELab) of the Ionian University, Professor Panagiotis Vlamos had the honor to welcome Orthopedic Surgeon, Panagiotis N. Kormas as the main speaker of the 9th Satellite Event.

10th Satellite Event


At Corfu Medical Surgery Society

Doctors from a variety of fields (neurologists, cytologists etc) took part in this satellite event in order to breach the gap between clinal applications and the scientific field of bioinformatics.